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Reference using Indian district data:

Kishor, Sunita. 1993. "May God Give Sons to All: Gender and Child Mortality in India." American Sociological Review 58(April): 247-265.

Abstract: Using 1981 cross-sectional data on 350+ districts in India, tested is whether female (F) labor force participation & kinship structures explain gender differences in the mortality of children ages 0-5. The relationship of mortality differentials to economic development, socioeconomic stratification, rice cultivation, & region is also examined. Results suggest that kinship structures & F labor force participation are important factors in explaining gender differences in child mortality; further these factors reinforce each other to produce especially high sex differentials in mortality. While agricultural, industrial, & urban development appear to reduce the relative survival of Fs, male literacy levels seem unrelated to F survival. Rice cultivation consistently enhances F survival. Gender differences in child mortality between northern & southern India remain unexplained.

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