University of Maryland

Occupational Gender Desegregation in the 1980s

Cotter, David A., JoAnn M. DeFiore, Joan M. Hermsen, Brenda Marsteller Kowalewski, and Reeve Vanneman 1995. "Occupational Gender Desegregation in the 1980s." Work and Occupations w2 (February): 3-21.


This article examines the change in occupational gender segregation in the 1980s using 1980 and 1990 Public Use Microdata Samples data. This research reveals a continuing decline in occupational gender segregation in the 1980s, but at a somewhat slower pace than in the 1970s. About three quarters of the overall desegregation was due to the changing gender composition of occupations, and about one quarter was due to the faster growth of more integrated occupations. Further analyses confirm the importance of women's but not men's changing occupational distribution in promoting desegregation.

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